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Trainers Coleen and Mary


Boston Personal Training has been a part of the MetroWest community since 2005. We are conveniently located in Sherborn at the intersection of routes 16 and 27 and draw clients from Natick, Sherborn, Dover, Wellesley, Wayland, Framingham and beyond.


2020 was an unexpected year but we were able to quickly pivot to online personal training. Our clients were able to stay in shape and healthy by continuing their training from the comfort of their homes. Whether you have equipment or not, our trainers can create a custom workout to suit your needs. 


What do we all have in common? Our trainers and clients are making their lives better through exercise and healthy lifestyles. BPT is inclusive — we serve all ages and levels, from high school students to senior citizens — no attitude, no pretense.

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to get in shape, and stay in shape.

Learn more about our experienced personal trainers below, and call us to see what we’re all about. The first session is always free — allowing you to decide if BPT is right for you. We’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Our Trainers

Mary has been training personally and professionally since 2015. As a trainer, she focuses on functional workouts that incorporate full body movements to develop strength and coordination while improving overall health. Mary has worked with clients of all ages and abilities. Whether it be training for a high school sport or recovering from an injury, she loves helping clients achieve their goals. When not in the studio Mary spends most of her time chasing her toddler and squeezing in workouts with her husband.  

NASM certified trainer, NASM nutrition coach, CF L-2 coach

Coach Mary
Coach Mary Exercising

Mary Vara

Client Testimonials

Dan S., Sherborn, MA

“I started training at BPT about a year ago on the recommendation of a friend.  What a terrific year of training it’s been.  Coleen is thoughtful and creative about my workouts and has designed a program that exactly matches what I wanted to get from training.  And, the results have been amazing.  I am stronger, more flexible, have more energy, and, perhaps most importantly, my body feels way more resilient to the wear and tear of middle-aged life.  I can’t recommend BPT highly enough!”

Catherine L., Natick, MA

I’ve been working out with BPT twice a week since 2004, making this effort the longest I’ve ever stuck it out with any fitness program. Coleen is deeply knowledgeable about how the body works and explains things clearly. She has a keen sense of how much to challenge me and she does so with just the right mix of easygoing and no-nonsense attitude. I also appreciate being able to put on classical music while working out.

Janeen H., Natick, MA

BPT has provided me with the tools to become a stronger, fitter version of myself!  I started my training at BPT nearly 4 years ago and since then have learned the skills to improve my strength, endurance, and speed. An added bonus was that I lost over 20 pounds that I had gained over the years of having 2 young children and not exercising enough! When I began at BPT, I was a hard-working mother of 2 young daughters and an owner of a busy orthodontic practice.  I had the notion that I no longer had time to exercise and take care of myself.  This was difficult to accept given my 9 years in the military where I was in top shape and even ran the Physical Fitness Program for over 400 Sailors!  Training at BPT gave me the needed time to remember how important health and fitness are for physical and mental well-being.  I am truly a happier and fitter person thanks to BPT.  Coleen understands my individual physical needs and goals to stay healthy and focuses our training in those areas.  She also provides wonderful ideas for home work-outs in between sessions which is beneficial.  She and Mary both provide a fun environment to work out in and I always look forward to going to my sessions.  I can’t say enough about BPT and highly recommend it!

R +E, Sherborn, MA

My husband and I joined BPT to build strength and improve our overall fitness.  We have been training with BPT for two years and in that time have seen a substantial increase in muscle strength, especially core stability, and overall improvement in our fitness level.  My husband and I have different fitness goals, but Mary, our trainer, is able to structure our workouts to meet both our goals.  The trainers at BPT are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and keep us motivated.  Mary tracks our progress and makes sure our workouts include a variety of new and familiar exercises, and she remains positive and supportive throughout out workouts. We would highly recommend BPT to others!

Casey T., Sherborn, MA

I have “worked out” my whole life but have constantly been frustrated by a lack of clear results. My son became a trainer and convinced me I would never would see the kind of results I wanted doing what I was doing. He encouraged me to call Coleen and I am so glad I did. In the 4 months I have been working with Coleen at BPT I am clearly stronger and thinner.  I have been complimented on my toned arms and felt totally confident in a bikini on my recent trip to Hawaii. Yes a 56 year old woman can flatten and tone her stomach as long as she does the work, and it is not endless crunches.”The variety of workouts keep it interesting and every move is geared toward a result.I highly recommend this small personal training facility.  Meets dates on Match, get results at BPT.

Dave Given, Natick, MA

I began training at BPT quite a few years ago.  Since that time the venue and the trainers have changed, and both for the better!  The studio itself is spacious and fully equipped with every possible size and shape of exercise equipment you could ever want.  The studio also has cardio machines and changing room/shower facilities.

 Then of course there are Mary and Coleen – they are both excellent!  I have a weekly 1-hour session with each of them so know them both well.  They are different people with different personalities but are equally committed to you and your training.  After my hour I am always exhausted and sore, but that’s the entire point.  Right?  There are certain specific things that make training with them special:

·        Variety – you will never ever be bored or feel like you just did the same thing last week.  The exercise variations are limitless, as are the ways to do them (meaning is it by number of reps, by time, EMOM, or some other equally insidious delivery system).

·        Pushing you – okay a lot of this is on you as the client, meaning how hard do you want to work?  But they set the bar high to challenge you, whatever your level.  Along with working muscle groups your heart rate will be up and you will sweat!  Of course they are right there with you the entire time, encouraging you every step of the way.

·        Listening to you – if you want to focus on a certain part of your body or overall workout style (e.g. you want full body exercises versus individual muscle groups), just say so!  Ditto for something that you do not want to do (e.g. your bad shoulder means do not lift your arm over your head).  They will design workouts customized for you.

·        Flexibility – if you have something pop up that limits you on a certain day, both Coleen and Mary can adjust the workout plan on the fly.  For me it is usually a flare up of my chronic bad back, so those workouts focus on doing things that open up my back (e.g. battle ropes) while not bending over (e.g. no kettlebell swings).

·        Knowledge – want to talk in depth about any fitness related issue?  They can help with pretty much anything you ask about – nutrition, weight loss, specific ailments, chronic conditions, etc.  You name it, they can advise you.

·        Fun! – Both Mary and Coleen are amazingly upbeat outgoing people.  This good mood is infectious so if you walk in grouchy your spirits can’t help but improve.  They both quickly end up like a good work friend – someone you can share lives and stories with as well as the workout.

Overall I cannot say enough good things about BPT.  Great facility, and highly professional & motivated trainers.  This turns into consistently motivating workouts for you!

Mother of 2 boys, Holliston, MA

I decided to reach out to BPT because I was having trouble staying motivated and committed to exercising on my own. The idea of going to a large gym made me anxious. I wanted to learn how to use equipment and I wanted to feel strong again. I began working with Coleen about a month ago and it has been an emotional and physical journey! I am slowly feeling stronger and more confident. Through physical strength, I am starting to feel stronger emotionally and mentally. I would highly recommend Coleen to my family and friends. She is very supportive and always makes me feel good about my workout, even when I am struggling (physically or emotionally). She has been a Godsend to me!

Coleen has been a part of the fitness industry since 2014 as a coach and weightlifter. Coleen has been an athlete since she was 8 years old and participated in track and field competitively for the next 15 years. She has a passion for fitness, coaching, and helping clients achieve a level of fitness they have not yet reached on their own. When not at work Coleen is enjoying her downtime with her twin daughters and training for both local and national weightlifting competitions.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist , CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Level 1 Weightlifting Coach

Coach Coleen
Coach Coleen Exercising

Coleen Crawford

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