Client Testimonials

“BPT began as and continues to be an amazing experience for me. I arrived as a chronic chiropractic patient with many back issues and virtually no training experience. Justin was able to find the perfect balance with me. He had an uncanny ability to understand all my issues and concerns yet develop my confidence into a person who values training and exercise as a fundamental part of my life. I truly can’t imagine these results from anyone else.”

Veronica B., Sherborn, MA

“I have worked out my whole life. When I started training with Justin a few years ago, I already had a high level of fitness. I have worked with trainers for years but I have never been consistently challenged with my workouts like I am with Boston Personal Training. I am 46 years old and am in better shape now than I was 20 years ago, thanks to BPT.”

Chris F., Natick, MA

“I’ve been working out with Justin twice a week since 2004, making this effort the longest I’ve ever stuck it out with any fitness program. Justin is deeply knowledgeable about how the body works and explains things clearly. He has a keen sense of how much to challenge me and he does so with just the right mix of easygoing and no-nonsense attitude. I also appreciate being able to put on classical music while working out.”

Catherine L., Natick, MA
Professional musician, BPT client since 2004

“My wife and I started working out with BPT a couple of years ago and we have gotten into the best shape of our lives. Justin and Candice push me hard and mix it up with different weights, equipment, and circuits. It’s great knowing that I’m working to my full potential. I play hockey once a week and there’s no question that my fitness program with BPT has made a huge difference. I feel awesome!”

Michael F., Natick, MA
BPT client since 2007

“My experience with Justin this past summer was extraordinary. I was moved beyond where I could have ever imagined. My workout took me to new heights every week and gave me a great feeling of success. I was amazed how this personal training program helped me with strength, balance and endurance, giving me stamina, will, backbone and guts to persevere. I needed a program and this one worked. I thank Justin, my trainer at BPT, for this powerful experience.”

Jane R., Natick, MA
Retired, BPT client since 2009

“I met Justin over a year ago through a friend and have been working out with him ever since.  The gym is clean and has a comfortable atmosphere.  Justin makes you feel empowered that you can actually do the exercises he suggests, and eventually you do!  I feel better, and more importantly I am healthier.  From working out with Boston Personal Training just one day a week, my cholesterol dropped 30 points.  They adjust your workout to your level and any limitations you might have.  Give it a try — you too will become addicted to your BPT workout!”

Pam D., Sherborn, MA
Bookkeeper, BPT client since 2008

“I’ve been working out with Justin for more than three years. In this time I can honestly say that I feel stronger physically and am emotionally more confident in my workouts. Training one-on-one was somewhat intimidating at first – but Justin offers the right combination of sensitivity and encouragement to keep you going, so I became comfortable pretty quickly. As a trainer Justin is extremely knowledgeable and brings his expertise to every session. His approach keeps you moving fast, and before you know it you’ve worked hard and feel great.”

Suzan H., Framingham, MA
Mortgage professional, BPT client since 2006



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